Week End Cycle (light)

We have prepared for you this series of "low cost"courses. The reasons may be differents:
          ► Would you like to take professional courses but do not feel like "running" without knowing, without trying, without being sure of making the best choice?
          ► Would you like to take professional courses but you do not have the financial means to deal with them, so you would like to at least "start"?
                    ○ However, do you know that different prices and payments for professional courses can be studied for particular family situations?
                    ○ ASK to the Director of the Experimental Center for a study of your situation to access professional courses.
                 We will find a solution together. Money must not be an obstacle to your ambitions!
          ► You don't feel like a professional, you want to become a professional, but do you like cinema and want to have fun?
          ► Are you free only on weekends?

In any case, we didn't want to stay without you.





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